About Trailhead Dental Office We specialize in the repair of damaged teeth and the replacement of missing teeth.  We are experts in the diagnosis of dental disease, the planning of complex dental therapy, the use of dental implants, and the design and fabrication of artificial teeth.

Our primary goals are to provide the highest quality dental care, to create the most comfortable environment, and to build lasting relationships.


How Are We Different?


Building Relationships that Last Through Dental Care


Too often, patients say they feel rushed when they go to the dentist.  As a specialist, Dr. Limmer understands the importance of building a relationship with each patient.  He takes the time to understand the concerns and challenges facing each individual, as well as to explain all available options and to answer any questions that might arise.


Quality Control

Another key aspect of Trailhead Dental is that Dr. Limmer utilizes the latest dental technology to personally design and/ or fabricate your dental prosthetics (crowns, bridges, implant components, etc) at our in-house dental lab.   We use only the highest quality materials and the most reputable companies to give you both a great smile and a great experience.

Quality Dental Care


Quality of LIfe

Patient Quality of Life

We pay careful attention to how a patient’s dental health might be affecting their general health, to how cost-effectiveness factors into dental care, and to how we can best address each individual’s needs in the most comfortable manner.  Dr. Limmer counsels and treats his patients with the broader goal of improving their quality of life.



With enough time, even the best dental work may need to be repaired or modified at some point.   We diligently follow up with our patients to monitor their dental health and to hopefully prevent problems before they happen.  If a patient does have an urgent need or emergency, our commitment is to address that need in a timely and efficient manner.

Committed to Quality Dental Care