7 Practical Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a vibrant and lively time of the year. Snow and ice begin to melt away, the sun begins to shine, and flowers begin to bloom. During this transformational time of year, you may be interested in making your home come to life as well. Many people do spring cleaning to help remove dirt,… Read more »

Do You Want to be a Prosthodontist?

Dentistry includes many specialty areas, including prosthodontics. Dr. Bryan Limmer is proud of his career as a prosthodontist and would be happy to share information with anyone else considering going into this dental specialty. It takes years of education, hard work, and dedication to become a successful prosthodontist, but it’s worth it to see patients… Read more »

The Global Celebration of Brain Awareness Week Begins March 12th!

At Trailhead Dental, we think the brain is something to celebrate! The Society for Neuroscience agrees, which is why they declared the week of March 12 as Brain Awareness Week. The campaign brings together people and professionals from many areas. Although everyone has a brain, they might not realize how complex it is or that… Read more »