Things to Consider When Whitening Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth clean with regular brushing and flossing is a great way to keep tooth decay at bay, but what about their appearance? Your teeth can become discolored even when you take good care of them. There are several reasons that teeth lose their brightness, but thankfully, there are also a number of teeth whitening… Read more »

Tips For Hiring Quality Staff For Your Practice

It is every dentists’ dream, to walk into the office in the morning and watch as the staff moves from task to task with minimal guidance.  This leaves the the dentist to focus on caring for patients.  However, to make this dream a reality, you must find and retain the right people. The key here… Read more »

Why Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom sounds like a great thing to have. It means reaching a level of maturity and having the ability to make thoughtful adult decisions. Wisdom teeth, on the other hand, are not necessarily a walk in the park and certainly don’t make anyone feel more wise. While not everyone will have a problem with their… Read more »

Will Drinking Alcohol Affect My Dental Implants?

If you are planning on getting dental implants or if you have recently had dental implant surgery, you should be aware of the risks posed by alcohol. Alcohol can affect the body in a number of different ways, both systemically and locally, which may pose particular challenges to those who have recently had dental work performed…. Read more »

What is TMD and How Do I Treat It?

What is TMD? Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is a group of disorders that affect the jaw joint.  Symptoms can range from mild and occasional soreness to severe and debilitating pain with impaired jaw movement. These disorders affect the muscles, bones and ligaments of the jaw joint. If you have TMD, you may notice: Popping… Read more »

Do I Need Sedation Dentistry?

Going to the dentist can cause anxiety, and sedation dentistry might offer a solution. Sedation dentistry refers to the use of medication to help patients stay calm while receiving dental care. But before you choose sedation dentistry, it’s important to understand how sedation works and what kinds of risks and benefits come with it. Levels of… Read more »

The ADA Has Updated Guidelines on Prophlyactic Antibiotics

Dental care recommendations often change as new research becomes available. One of the most recent changes is in the American Dental Association’s guidelines around prophylactic antibiotics, a premedication designed to prevent infection. At one time, clinical practice guidelines always recommended antibiotics for patients who had certain medical conditions. But the ADA has issued new guidelines for… Read more »