Repairs and Maintenance

Dental restorations (crowns, bridge, dentures, etc.) are made from a number of different materials that include: ceramics, metals, and high strength plastics. Over the years, dental professionals have learned much about how to use these materials to design different types of artificial teeth that look remarkably natural and that last for many years.

Despite these advances, there is still a certain amount of wear and tear that will inevitably occur with any type of dental restoration over time. There is also a small amount of risk that an unexpected complication may occur. Routine examinations are the best way to minimize these risks.

Out-Dated Implants?

One particular challenge is when a patient has a problem with their dental implant(s) and that implant system is either no longer on the market or the company is no longer in business. Dr. Limmer’s thorough understanding of implant therapy and his relationships with a wide variety of implant companies enable him to find solutions for patients in this situation.

Prosthetic Specialist

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Limmer is trained to minimize complications through proper material selection and prosthetic design. However, if a problem does arise, Dr. Limmer can use his expertise to address the issue in a timely and efficient manner.

If you are having a problem with your dental restoration(s) or your dental implant(s) and would like to see Dr. Limmer for an evaluation, please contact us for a consultation.