Even the best quality dental work can eventually wear out or break down.  Fortunately, in many cases, there are ways to repair the problem or refit the prosthesis, so that you can continue smiling confidently.

Here are just a few common examples that you may encounter:

Loose Implant Crown or Bridge – This is usually caused by a loose or broken screw inside the restoration. In some cases, this can be carefully removed and replaced or re-tightened.  However, if the abutment itself is fractured, the entire restoration may need to be remade.

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Loose or ill-fitting denture – Over time dentures will become loose or ill-fitting. This is due to the continued shrinkage of the jaw.  A common solution in this case is to re-fit the denture with a procedure called a “laboratory reline”.  We recommend a denture reline about every 5 years.  
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Loose Implant Overdenture (aka “snap in denture”) – With use, the color-coded snap inserts or the metallic attachments can wear out. As this happens, patients will notice that their overdenture is not quite as secure.  It is quick and easy to change the color-coded inserts, and we recommend this be done every 6-12 months.

Chipped Denture Tooth – If a denture tooth chips, we can usually repair it same day. However, in some cases we will need to keep your denture overnight so that we can send it to our laboratory for a stronger fix.
Cracked or Broken Denture – It’s very rare, but the denture itself can crack. This is a bigger problem, and unfortunately, it usually means making a new denture.
Fractured denture