dentalcleaningEven though Trailhead Dental specializes in complex reconstructive dentistry, we also offer a number of services that you might find at your general dentist’s office.

Many patients are referred to our office for specific needs, and their treatment may require that multiple dental offices be involved in their care.  However, it is vital that we continue to monitor and maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Trailhead Dental can provide dental cleanings for patients currently undergoing treatment in our office, as well as cleanings and check-ups for those who have completed care.  Our dental hygienist is wonderful and has been specially trained to help patients with a complex dental history.

We have a several different protocols for long-term care of our patients; however, we tailor our recommendations for home care methods and products to each individual.

If you have any questions about our recall program, please feel free ask one of our staff members or call the office at any time.